Chapter 4 - Interdepartmental Relations.

“Why make the trap all one pattern? I have a spell that would randomize it so no one will get through.” Elric said as he exampled the schematics in his hand.

Eft stood to the the left of Elric. In the middle of them stood a wooden doorway, not attached to wall. The door looked ancient but still sturdy. A simple latch allowed it to be opened and closed.

“Because,” Eft said and closed his eyes as he finished his sentence, “the door is to keep out people who don’t belong there.  Our customers are not just some evil person that wants to be left alone. They have henchmen, er people that bring supplies, they may want to leave for a bite to eat.” Eft opened his eyes and saw Elric was still looking at the schematics.

“Ok, I get it now. So set pattern that differs from the previous version. I need to write down which pattern is tied to the door.”


“How many different patterns do you need?”

“At this time just one other. We plan on releasing an update each year for those who purchase the eligible service contract.”

“What is the current pattern?” Elric flipped the schematics over to see if there was a solution on the back. The back was blank.

“Forward, forward, back, back, left, right, left, right,” Eft recited from memory.

“Noted. Are we limited by length?  Say, I add 2 directions to it to throw off anyone who thought the previous directions would work?”

“Eight, if we want to add more directions we have to rebuilt the whole device. If we keep it at eight we only need to renew the spells in the device.”

“Do you have something in mind already?”

“Same as last but right, left, right, left.”

“Won’t someone figure that quickly?”

“Na, we are also offering an upsell to previous purchasers of these devices. People who use the old method on updated versions will have a bad day.”

“Upsells, service contracts, reminds me of the alchemist guild. The next thing you’ll tell me is you have expiration dates.”

“Oh, thats a great idea. I’ll bring it up at the next meeting with the Boss. I promise I’ll give you credit.”

“Um, ok.”

“Trust me, the Boss rewards those who help increase profits. I got a nice bonus from a recent score.”

“Oh really? If I’m being too nosy let me know, but how much was it?”

“A little nosy but I don’t mind telling.” Suddenly Eft’s face lit up, a weird stretching of his cheeks exposed the tips of his teeth. His eyes glazed over as if he was reliving a fond memory. “I got to watch one of the people who gave me this limp, die a slow and painful dead. Took them a whole week of suffering.” Eft patted his pockets as if searching something. “I have the last strip of skin that was torn off them before they died, somewhere around here.”

Elric paled a little and jaw clenched. He gulped and swallowed some bile that was building up. He looked upwards, closed his eyes, and took some deep breaths. Almost a minute passed before he gained enough control to speak.

“That is ok. I hope I’m never one of your future ‘rewards’.” Elric said. A few tries was all it took for Elric to understand how to reconfigure UL-DR2142.

“Excellent, in the store room there are 10 doors that were made before production was changed. Modify them in the meantime. Garly expects your first service call to be in a few weeks.”

Elf hobbled out of the room before Elric could say anything. Elric mused the crippled goblin seemed to move faster than other could. To prevent himself from musing on the older goblin’s reward, Elric headed quickly to production to ask Garly where the storage room is.

Ten minutes later Elric stepped into ‘Storage Warehouse #5’.  It’s cavernous size would have been creepy if there wasn’t lightning filling every corner. According to Garly the extra UL-DR2142’s were stored in the right corner. Turning right Elric could see some boxes standing up against a all.

When he was fifty feet from them he felt something magical cover him and test his will. A feeling one gets when being teleported against their will. Quickly he stopped and looked around. There wasn’t any arch or trigger he could see. The boxes were still leaning against a wall. Turning he walked deeper into the storeroom then towards the door. Hoping to avoid whatever it was that he felt, he went to the entrance. There written on the entrance was ‘Storage Warehouse #5’.

“Why teleport someone to the same place they were?” Elric said. He turned back towards the boxes of doors he needed to modify. Focusing his will and power, he conjured a little magical construct. It was a three foot tall humanoid figure made out of 5 rectangles.

“Walk that way.” Elric said as he pointed towards the boxes. The little construct shuffled in the direction he pointed. Casting another spell, Elric enhanced his vision to see magic.

The little construct walked forward, and at the same spot Elric had felt it. POOF! A little flash of light but the figure was still in the same place walking at the same speed. In the magical spectrum, Elric saw the telltale signs of a teleport spell. He directed the construct to walk back towards him.

POOF! Another little flash of light and the construct teleported. As if it didn’t notice anything, the figure kept walking towards him. It only took a thought for Elric to dismiss his construct. The enhanced vision he maintained. Slowly he moved towards the teleport trigger. As he stepped into it he felt the spell take hold and he stopped moving.


He was in the same place again. Taking a half step backwards yielded nothing. Half step forward also nothing. A single step forward and then backwards did not retrigger the spell. Carefully and six more teleports later, he determined the victim had to leave a 5 foot circle completely before the trap reset.

Inspired Elric took a few steps away from the trigger area. Reaching into his pocket to grabbed a copper coin. Carefully he threw it through the teleport area. The coin blinked out of existence then reappeared as it was teleported. It’s momentum gone, the coin fell to the ground. Elric had to restraint himself as the coin fell straight to the ground.

“Terminate interaction with min experimentation” A voice said after clearing its throat.

Elric quickly turned around, a tall elven woman stood behind him. She was slightly taller than his average five foot eight. The tips of her ears poked through her shoulder length hair. Purple robes that shimmered making her thin body seem blurry.

“I apologize, I was sent there and this intrigued me.” Elric said bowing a little then turning towards the spell he had been playing with.

“Upon completion I aspire this results in an endowment..” The elven woman said.

Elric nodded his head as he processed the words.  The context and choice slowed down his understanding.

“This is quiet original, I’ve never heard of a null teleport. I’ve seen the papers theorizing it but no-one could nail down the proper incantation. I’ll stop playing with it if you have work to do.” Elric turned his head as he looked back at the elf. The duration of his magical sight hadn’t worn off, so he focused on that to see the magical spectrum. There was an aura of illusion surrounding her mouth. He concentrated and stared at the aura.

“Educated arcanist!” The elve’s eyes opened wide and a smile pulled the tips of her mouth upwards. “Pleasurable discourse revolving arcane formula.” She reached into a side pouch and pulled out a book with loose papers stuffed between most of the pages. “Perchance peer review literary exertion?”

Elric missed the words, deep within his concentration he was examining the aura’s. Gently with his mind, a slight pull at one of the strands of magic. It vibrated but the illusion held.

“You’re using an auditory illusion.” He said even more intrigued with the elf.

The elven lady paused and stared at Elric. The smile and joy quickly disappearing. Elric kept his gaze in the magical spectrum for the first hint of an attack spell. He didn’t mean any insult, but someone using illusion for speech to sound intelligent was different.

“Can you speak?” The Elven lady said this time in Elven. Elric nodded and held up two fingers a small distance apart. “I used innsassian lilliten to sennian.”

“My elven is rude.” Elric said also in elven. He didn’t know the word for rudimentary but hoped she would make the connection. Briefly he held up one finger, “give me 5 minutes please.” then before waiting for a response, he ran out of the room towards Garly’s office.

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