Chapter 5 - Violence in the Workplace

“Again for the hundredth time, I apologize.” Elric said. The elven woman sat across from him on the floor. They both were sitting near her teleport trap and the worn book was open between them. Loose pages scattered around as they had spent the last  To the side of them sat a tea pot with two cups. Nearby a separate pail of water sat, nearly empty.

Elric gazed at the pitcher and then back at the elven lady.

“Still Liliaria I have to admit, using an illusion spells to translate is unique. I wish you could speak common.” Elric stated.

“I wish your elven was better as well. Compromises have to be made at times.” Liliaria said in Elven with a sigh. She then took a sip of the tea and spoke in the Goblin tongue, “While I disapprobation the drink, I admit the magical properties are useful.”

“Yes, don’t ever ask Garly what is in the tea.” Elric said taking a small sip, careful to keep the liquid away from the book. “Still, the null teleport is brilliant.”

“That spell is my tribulation. The concept ensnared my thoughts, I never finished my apprenticeship.”

“Now that you got it working, can’t you finish?”

A light elven laugh was the only reply for some time. The smile returned and before she showed any teeth her hand covered up her mouth.

“Elessian, my teacher has been dead for four hundred years.” Liliaria said, then laughed a little more and took another drink of tea.

It took Elric a moment to realize Elessian was an elven word. The word meant, little one. Typically used when reprimanding a child for something stupid.

“I’m not a child.” Elric said and he shifted a little to get a foot under him. This made the elf laugh even more. Before she could apologize or say anything, Elric stood up and walked out of the warehouse. He was already at the entrance before he realized he needed to be in the warehouse. Attempting to save his pride, he headed towards the production floor to talk to Garly.

Running goblins alerted Elric before he heard the sounds of battle. He kept walking forward and the fleeing goblins moved around him. The screams and cries of help rose in the air. A wave of heat washed over Elric and many of the screams went silent. Thinking quickly Elric cast a spell that captured and stored heat around himself.

When Elric arrived at the entrance, a large ten foot by ten foot opening, the smell assaulted him. Burnt flesh, clothing, and an acrid smell of chemicals burning clogged his nose. He pulled a little piece of cloth out of a pocket and tied it around his nose and mouth. The assembly line was destroyed. Twisted metal and splintered beams of wood lay scattered through the large room. Bodies littered the floor, most of them near the doors as those who were trying to flee were bottlenecked at the door.

Whimpering and moans filled the silence. Standing in the middle of the room were three tall human men. Smoke drifted lazily from a hundred little fires.

One man in full plate mail armor, stood looking to Elric’s left. He held a massive axe in one hand and a choking goblin in the other. Occasionally he would throw the goblin in the air, it would gasp a few times as it flew in the air. Like snatching a ball out of the air the man grabbed the goblin’s neck with the same hand.

Looking away from Elric’s position stood another human man dressed in midnight blue robes, he twirled a hand in the air in front of him. Twenty feet from him a minotaur spun helplessly a foot above the ground. The minotaur was missing both arms and legs. With a wave of his other hand and a spell the midnight blue robed man lifted his other hand into the air. One of the minotaur arms lifted in the air as well. It hovered for a second then moved next to the spinning minotaur.

Elric turned away before he saw the dismembered hand slapping the minotaur. He heard the slap, slap, slap, sound as he watched the third man who wore white robes with black stripes. The man was speaking in some tongue Elric did not understand. A human worker jerkily stood up and stared at the white and black man.

“The… manager… is over… there,” the worker said in halting words. A burnt arm slowly raised and pointed towards the stairs to Garly’s office.

“Waaaa!” the spinning minotaur screamed as he flew through the air towards Garly’s office. The goblins office was twenty feet above the production floor. The limbless minotaur flew through the glass window that overlooked the workers.

“Thrag, go fetch the manager, I wish to speak to them.” The white and black robed figure said. The human figure that was pointing in Garly’s direction collapsed to the ground.

Thrag the figure in plate threw the goblin he had been choking up into  the air. Turning towards the stairs he started running. The goblin fell onto the floor with a crunch and a moan.

“Goblins aren’t going to know anything,” the blue robed man said. “They won’t know where Bec’s is being held.”

“We will find her Marcanous,” the white and black robed man said.

Thrag reached the stairs and took them three at a time. His massive form shook the structure with each step. As he climbed, gaining speed as he ran up the stairs, he dove into the door at the top. The wood crashed and splinted as the door was torn off the hinges.

The blue robes man started chanting. One hand weaving a complex pattern of circles and the other holding a locket. The locket spun so fast Elric could not make any details from it. At the crescendo of the spell, the man thrust the hand with the locked upwards. The pendant stopped spinning and pointed towards Eft’s desk across the work-floor.

Hanging from a wooden peg behind the desk, was a single strip of leather attached to a cord. Elric remembered Eft fondly caressing it after he had been rewarded with it. Eft was thankfully nowhere to be seen.

“She is that way,” Marcanous shouted. Without waiting for anyone to acknowledge, he leapt over some broken wood and bodies. With a grace that must have been arcane infused, the blue robed man ran across the destruction towards Eft’s desk.

“There must be a hidden door!” Marcanous said.

“I’ll handle the plate, you take little boy blue.” An feminine elven voice said in Elric’s ear.

“And the black and white?” Elric said.

“She’ll be busy.” Liliaria said. Confused for a moment Elric took a closer look at the black and white person. While the form wasn’t feminine he could see a slight curve in the chest area.

Elric nodded his head and worked on a plan. He didn’t have a lot of combat spells prepared for today. It was supposed to be a day of correcting UL-DR2142. Smiling, he quietly cast an illusion spell. Along the wall behind Eft’s desk the stone shimmered a little. Reaching into his pouch he pulled out a little stone and threw it in Marcanous’s direction. The stone soundlessly bounced off a desk and rolled on the floor between Marcanus and his friends.

Marcanous stopped and stared where the wall shimmered. He hastily cast a spell that would rip spells apart at the wall. As soon as he finished the wall faded into stone wall with a wooden door. Giving a quick shout of glee, Marcanous ran to the door and pulled it open. As soon as he stepped into the portal, Elric knew he had him trapped.

“Seriously, DR2142?” Liliaria said softly.

“It is all I have prepared,” Elric said.

“Yeah,” she said with some disappointment in her voice. She turned back towards Thrag and started softly chanting a spell.

Thrag appeared on the steps holding Garly in one hand. The shaking goblin looked like he had been dragged through hell. Blood dripped from a large gash in his chest and a hundred other little cuts. Thrag looked at the production floor and after locating a clear spot leapt from the top of the stairs.

Liliaria finished casting her spell and pointed in that open spot. Thrag and Garly fell the twenty feet, until they suddenly reversed direction and started flying upwards. Once Thrag hit the apex of his flight, he fell down again. Right before he hit the ground his momentum reversed and he flew upwards.

“Katrina, stop this,” Thrag yelled as he flew upwards again.

Elric couldn’t contain his laugh. The sharp and almost bark like tone echo’ed across the floor. Thrag and Katrina turned and looked in his direction. Caught, Elric closed his mouth but still giggled. As Katrina started to cast a spell, Thrag used his only ranged weapon on hand. He threw Garly at Elric.

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