Chapter 6 - Improper Abuse of Office Equipment

Elric stumbled backwards and fell on his ass. Instead of trying to cast a spell, he threw his hands up to block his face as the goblin flew towards him. Garly also tried to put is hands in front of his face to protect himself, leaving his bony goblin elbows in front.

Garly suddenly reversed direction, flying back towards Thrag. Acting quickly Elric threw out a bolt of lightning. He hadn’t had time to build up the energy, a tiny white line zipped across the distance to Katrina. She easily dodged the bolt by taking a small step to the left.  Garly flew under Thrag and hit a wall. The goblin crumpled against the wall and slide to the floor.

Katrina pulled out a whip from her waist, her belt disintegrated into a long whip. She reared back and snapped it a few times. Each snap it seemed to get longer. She cast the whip backwards as if preparing to crack it again, but the tip came within reach of Thrag’s hands. He grabbed the whip and when Katrina swung it back around, it threw Thrag towards Elric. This time instead of bony elbows flying towards him, it was a mass of muscle with a giant axe aimed towards Elric’s head.

Elric smiled at the idea of the large man reversing direction towards the white and black robed Katrina. His smile disappeared as Thrag slammed his axe down into the floor, throwing him upwards towards the ceiling. Thrag bounced off the ceiling and came down right at Elric.

Elric rolled to his left, putting him into the production room. Thrag landed, axe first next to him. The axe easily buried three inches of it’s blade into the floor. Thrag’s armored shoulder buried itself into Elric’s left leg, the ridges digging into his thigh.

“Aaaah!” Elric screamed. He tried to move away but the big mans weight held him down.

“Got you now,” Thrag said. From nowhere the big man pulled out an end of rope. He stared at it briefly and the end formed into a noose. He tried to loop the noose around Elric’s neck, but Elric managed to get an arm in the way so it went around his neck and chest. The rope tightened as Thrag pulled on it. “You won’t get away now.”

Elric took a second to focus, going limp as if he gave up. Gathering his power and will, he pushed with invisible force. It was powerful enough to launch Thrag into the air and away from Elric. Before he could celebrate his win, the rope went taunt and jerked. He slide ten feet along the floor towards where Thrag landed.

“Ha, ha,” the big man laughed. Thrag pulled on the rope like reeling in a fish, each handful dragging Elric a few feet. Elric scrambled trying to get a desk between them, but ended up pressed against the desk. The rope slackened a little and Elric stood up.

As soon as Elric’s head was above the desk, the rope tightened again and his face slammed against the desk. His vision filled with stars. The rope slackened and he slowly started falling back down to the floor. The rope went tight again and slammed him into the desk again and again. After the second time Elric didn’t see or feel the third or fourth.

Elric awoke to the feeling of being dragged. The rope was tight against his chest and he rested against something. Loud screeching sounds echo’ed as he tried to sort out reality. The sounds of breaking glass and wood splintering filled in the moments between screeches of something heavy being dragged.

Closing his eyes and blocking out the chaos, Elric gathered all the power he could. Straining as he held onto an overwhelming amount, he opened his eyes and looked around. He recognized the wall they tested dart firing mechanisms to his left. He focused on continuing the power until Thrag was in arms reach.

“Little fish, do…” Thrag said as he reeled in the last ten feet of rope. With one hand he lifted Elric off the ground. Reaching out with a massive gauntlet Thrag grabbed Elric’s face.

BOOM! The force of energy exploded from Elric’s face. A wave of pressure pushed everything in a few feet away from them. Thrag’s hand flew backwards and Elric’s face went the opposite direction. Pain as a patch of hair from Elric’s head was ripped out. Both landed on the floor, dried blood on Elric’s face was joined with fresh blood.

“Neat trick, but now you look like ground meat.” Thrag said. He stood up and slowly opened and closed his gauntleted hand. Hairs and bits of scalp were stuck between the metal joins. His little finger didn’t close all the way and looked to be broken. “Katrina will heal me, but you, she’ll…”

WHOMP! A spear of force hit Thrag in the chest. Knocking the air from his lungs. The line of force pushed him upwards and back. Thrag laughed as he flew backwards and he gripped the rope right. Elric split his concentration from pushing the flying warrior, to pushing a desk and cabinet.

The cabinet labeled, ‘Poison’ tiled then flew in the air, following Thrag. The desk nearby had several quivers of arrows, crossbow bolts, and a few daggers, scooted on the floor a little. Elric put his feet in front of him and braced for impact. 

The rope went taunt and with a jerk pulled Elric forward. His feet hit the side of the desk with weapons on it. The desk tipped over but he kept his feet on it. As the rope pulled him towards Thrag, it went slack the same time the sound of glass shattering.

With another push of magic and what remained of his will, the desk slid across the floor towards Thrag and the shattered contents of the poison cabinet. Another crash and some whimpers of pain was the only reward Elric received. Too tired to inspect his handiwork he laid on the floor breaking heavily through broke and missing teeth. His nose was ground sausage and he was certain there were splinters of wood in his forehead but couldn’t muster the energy to check.

A cry of pain jolted Elric from his stupor. A curse in elven reminded Elric of the urgency. He slowly sat up and looked around. The desk he had pushed into Thrag was lying broken on the floor. An armored figure that resembled a pin cushion slowly stood up from the floor. In an almost drunken state, Thrag started moving to Elric’s left.

Elric’s gaze kept moving in that direction. Katrina’s robes now had streaks and splotches of red in them. A cup flew from Katrina’s left and hit her in the shoulder. A chair appeared and flew from above Elric towards Katrina. Katrina easily dodged the chair and other office supplies that flew at her from varying directions.

“AAAHH!!” a scream of pain filled the room. Marcanous appeared from the wall covered in a light green substance. Tiny tendrils of smoke drifted upwards as the acid burned his clothing. “Where is she?” He called out, turning around to survey the room. His belt and it’s contents fell to the floor as the acid dissolved the leather. His skin appeared to be immune to the chemicals.

“She isn’t here,” Katrina said between dodging a cane and little ceramic statue of an owl bear.

“The spell doesn’t,”

ROOOOAAR! The sound rumbled through the walls like thunder. Even Elric took a step back away from the hallway. Everyone else stopped and with wide eyes looked down the hallway.

“Oh shit,” everyone said some softly, Thrag was almost a yell.

“Leaving…” Katrina said.

“I know she is here.” Marcanous called out.

“She is dead, as we will be.”  Katrina said. She turned and looked directly at Marcanous and mouthed, NOW.

With her attention elsewhere, Liliaria threw a sharp object she had found. Thrag’s axe appeared in the air hurling at incredible speeds. The haft hit Katrina in the small of her back and the backside of the blade hit the back of her skull. The black and white robed woman crumbled to the ground.

“Katrina!” Thrag called out as he wobbled towards her. Marcanous appeared at Katrina’s side, gave a glare to Lillaria and threw a bolt of lighting towards the elf. The blast hit the elf square in the chest, and threw her down the hallway.

With a wave of his hand, Marcanous pulled Thrag to him. Dragging the big man through broken furniture and bodies until they were touching. He placed a hand on Katrina, and uttered some words of power, trigging a preset teleport.

With a pop, the three humans were gone, leaving Elric alone in the middle of a war zone. Briefly he wondered if Ventus will survey the room before he burned everything to ash.

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