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Chapter 9 - In Home Support Services

The two story house almost appeared out of the woods as they rode though the forest. A thin carpet of fog covered the shaded ground, but the clearing where the house sat was barren. Dead and almost brittle looking grass covered the earth. In places where bare dirt was exposed, it was a dry, caked area.

Elric’s spell stopped abruptly once he flew over dead grass. He hadn’t been floating that high as Norman had slowed considerably as the woods had thickened before the opening. As soon as he hit the ground he let go of the rope to avoid being dragged.

“Sorry, I should have warned you,” Norman said as he stopped the horses. “It isn’t much but this is home.” Elric felt almost a challenge in Norman’s words.

“Saves money on landscaping.” Elric said picking himself up from the ground. Dried bits of grass clung to his clothing. He gave a quick brush to remove the larger bits.

“Come, there is still time for you to get some work completed before dark.” Norman dismounted his horse and lead the tw…