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Chapter 25 - Awards and Bonus Pay

The next painful day, Elric was awakened by a foot digging into his side. Elric to rolled over and away from the intrusion and a shattering of glass pierced the veil of sleep.

Elric was lifted into the air and the sudden loss of a surface below him pulled him awake. Bright lights were moving towards his face. A croaking like sound escape from Elric’s throat as he attempted to yell.

“While HR is available to our employees when they need it,” Sandra said. “Passing out is generally not the use we encourage.” She waved a hand and Elric’s floating form moved towards the door. A small kindness, she lowered Elric before he hit the door frame, and his floating form floated out of the room. “Come back when you have cleaned up,” then she closed the door.

Elric picked himself off the stone floor, a pounding in his head making thinking difficult. In one hand he had a piece of wrinkled parchment. Around him was the hallway that lead to Ventus’s lair and the various Henchperson Resource offices. He…