It is that time, Hostile Takeover release Sept 2nd 2019.

At some point you have to stick a fork in something and call it done.  Book two has been actually done for a while, I've been trying to get edits completed and reviewing suggestions to make it better. I placed it on Amazon with a release date of Sept 2nd. I need to update the blurb, but that'll be easy once it is released. Enjoy. My next project is not related to the Mortis Operandi world, its a LitRPG story about some people trapped inside the worse RPG system conceived.  you can check it out here.

Update, New cover and Cover idea for the 2nd book.

With the second book near completion (about 70%) I spent some time working on a cover for it. With how well the updated cover for the first book went this one is among similar lines. While it is still tentative, I'm hoping it attracts people. I know it doesn't scream Gamelit/GameRPG/or LitRPG, it definitely is fantasy. If you want to see how it is going, check it out at Royalroad,   and I'm hoping to have it done before the 20th, then editing and everything hopefully is done before August. Thank you for joining me on this weird journey,

Mortis Operandi - New Hire - Complete

Done, I've put a fork in it, ran it through a couple rounds of edits, and made a cover. I'm sure it could use more editing but believe I've hit the point where I could spent another hundred hours, and even more money but only get a small improvement in the content. The cover I know is meh, but its still fun and I believe communicates the theme well. If you are interested in book 1 of Mortis Operandi, check it out  and if you like it or are curious about the next book I'm working on it at RoyalRoad because that's were I've gotten the most feedback.  At some point I will finish book 2 and throw it on amazon as well. I'll need a cover, if you know anyone that can do it cheaply let me know.   Working on a possible newsletter. Not really to bug people over and over, but to announce when book 2 is done, discounts on the books, and possible


To both give me time to write more and as a holiday Treat, here is some of the products Mortis Operandi offers. First though a brief breakdown of model numbers and stock numbers. Traps are designated by various factors, First letter is if the item is a Trap, Obstacle, Barrier, Misdirection, Protector. Second Letter is if the item is designed to be placed in a Room, Hallway, or anywhere. First number is ideal floor location, this can range from 0 to 9 with 9 being any location of sufficient depth or lower. Second number is Complexity and if the item self resets, self resetting have an even complexity, manual resetting have odd complexity. 0 means it is a single use item, once trigger the whole room or trap will have to be reordered and/or rebuilt. Most people do not have a 0 due to the cost, it is reserved typically for traps or protectors that are at the very end and if they are bypassed the owner of the dungeon will be either dead or soon be threatened. Third nu


Adventurers enter dungeons every day. Battling evil monsters, defying dangerous terrain, triumphing over devious traps... ... but none of them ever ask why? That arrow trap, who reloads it?  The pitfall trap, who cleans out the bodies and sharpens the spikes? What if the grates get clogged, where will the blood and gore drain?  When you are trying to study ancient lore or plan on conquering a kingdom, you don't want to worry about all that. You just want peace.  Mortis Operandi is a different kind of company. One that celebrates diversity. One that celebrates value in individuals. With flexible pay and plenty of advancement opportunities, it is a company that knows its workers are it's most valuable asset. As they design, build, and install traps, rooms, obstacles, and repair they are a one stop shop. When a possible recall sets events into motion, the company must pivot in a new paradigm of full circle Dungeon service. The Goblin Eft No-toes has a solution tha