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Mortis Operandi - New Hire - Complete

Done, I've put a fork in it, ran it through a couple rounds of edits, and made a cover. I'm sure it could use more editing but believe I've hit the point where I could spent another hundred hours, and even more money but only get a small improvement in the content. The cover I know is meh, but its still fun and I believe communicates the theme well. If you are interested in book 1 of Mortis Operandi, check it out  and if you like it or are curious about the next book I'm working on it at RoyalRoad because that's were I've gotten the most feedback.  At some point I will finish book 2 and throw it on amazon as well. I'll need a cover, if you know anyone that can do it cheaply let me know.   Working on a possible newsletter. Not really to bug people over and over, but to announce when book 2 is done, discounts on the books, and possible