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Chapter 25 - Awards and Bonus Pay

The next painful day, Elric was awakened by a foot digging into his side. Elric to rolled over and away from the intrusion and a shattering of glass pierced the veil of sleep.

Elric was lifted into the air and the sudden loss of a surface below him pulled him awake. Bright lights were moving towards his face. A croaking like sound escape from Elric’s throat as he attempted to yell.

“While HR is available to our employees when they need it,” Sandra said. “Passing out is generally not the use we encourage.” She waved a hand and Elric’s floating form moved towards the door. A small kindness, she lowered Elric before he hit the door frame, and his floating form floated out of the room. “Come back when you have cleaned up,” then she closed the door.

Elric picked himself off the stone floor, a pounding in his head making thinking difficult. In one hand he had a piece of wrinkled parchment. Around him was the hallway that lead to Ventus’s lair and the various Henchperson Resource offices. He…

Chapter 24 - Employee Suggestions

A large illusionary image filled the dragons cave. Giving a top down perspective in the image a couple of humans wandered the halls of a temple. Each carried a backpack almost as big as them on their backs. Clanking with each step from weapons and armor, and metal objects in the backpacks.

The hallway ended in a large round room. In the center of the room a stone pedestal with a book setting on it. The two humans carefully entered the room and walked around the walls. Each examining the wall for cracks, buttons, and holes. Upon finding no traps along the walls they carefully walked to the middle of the room. Another long minute passed as they examined the book and two foot tall pedestal. One of them picked up the book.

A block of stone slammed over the entrance, blocking the two people in. A hum filled the air and both adventurers crouched, readying for an attack. The hum got louder and both of them felt themselves being pulled into the air. The hum increased and their backpacks flew …

Chapter 23 - Project Management - Closure

The second and third day of setting up additional OR-5651’s went better. Elric prepared sleep spells for the goats and was able to avoid getting blood on his clothing. The energy to set up each room was intensive so he could only do one room per day. At the end of the final day in Hausten, Elric went to a tavern to celebrate.

After changing his clothes into something more casual, Elric stepped out of the inn. The sun had already set and the streets were almost empty. A pair of guards wandered around lighting lamps along the street. Faintly in the distance, Elric heard music playing. With a swift pace, he headed towards the music.

The Rose and the Thorn was a large tavern. The building was easily a hundred feet long and three stories tall. Several large windows were along the street every 10 feet. Wooden shutters hung in each, some open and some closed. A stage sat in a corner of the building near some windows. The glow from inside the building like the music spilled out into the stree…

Chapter 22 - Project Management - Execution

Elric stretched and stood up. The runes he had carved on the floor looked correct. Moving over to a different side, he studied them again. He could not find any flaw, now it was a matter of testing. Slowly and stiffly he walked over to one of the goats. He untied it from the other and pulled it towards the runes.

The goat struggled against Elric’s directions and thankfully the center of the room wasn’t very far. Elric pulled a wooden rod out of a pouch, held it in the air, pressed an almost invisible button on it. As he let go, the rod stayed in place. Quickly he looped the goats leash around it and tied a secure knot.

“Sorry about this,” Elric said as he pulled out a knife from his belt. Swiftly he cut the goats neck and held it as it struggled. Blood spurted on the floor and runes, after realizing it was going everywhere, Elric directed the stream into a bucket. When the bucket was close to full, the goat had ceased struggling, slowly he lowered the corpse and got a second bucket. I…

Chapter 21 - Project Management - Initiation

Elric easily walked from the inn he was staying at to Victor Von Vissionstein’s mansion. The customer maintained a beautiful house in the city of Hausten. The gates opened for Elric as he approached and he was immediately greeted by four guards. They all wore full armor and helmets covering every inch of their body. One of them stepped up towards Elric and raised their faceplate. The man had a huge boil on the tip of his nose that Elric think of clown.

“This is private property, if you do not have business here, please leave.” The Clown guard said.

“I do have business, if you allow me to get the letter.” Elric said.  Slowly he moved his right hand towards one of his pockets. He watched the guards to make sure none of them made a movement. The standoff continued as Elric reached his hand into the pocket, slowly pulled out the rolled up scroll, then slowly presented it to Clown guard.

With a almost shocking speed the Clown guard reached out and took the offered scroll. With a step backw…

Chapter 20 - Personal Improvement Plan - Step 3: Actionable items

“Eft, now that you know the secret, I believe you have something to tell Elric.” Ventus said to Elric and Eft as they sat around a table. The two goblins sat in tall chairs so they were able to look at Elric eye to eye. Ventus was in his goblin form to prevent any accidents. The two goblins sat in tall chairs so they were able to look at Elric eye to eye.  While the dragon was still angry, he at least recognized it was no fault of his workers in front of him.

“Um, that is a lot to take in.” Eft said fidgeting with his hands a little. The old goblin shook a little in fear.

“Eft,” Ventus said, his voice rising a little. Even in the goblin form, a little cloud of smoke puffed out of his mouth.

“I’m sorry that I lied to you Elric.” Eft said looking down and away from Elric and Ventus.

“It is ok, I forgive you.” Elric said quickly without thinking. After the fire protection potion had saved Elric’s life, he felt a small debt towards Eft.

“Tell him what the lie was.” Ventus said. With his a…


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Chapter 19 - Personal Improvement Plan - Step 2: Guidelines for Improvement

Elric opened his eyes and lowered his hands. The goblin form of Ventus stood in front of him, wide eyed and mouth slightly open. The demon Francis came running quickly from the other side of the room carrying a bandoleer holding several potions.

The smell of burnt clothing and hair filled Elric’s nose. He shook a little as his body tried to decide what it was going to do, it settled on screaming.

“Aaaahhh!!” Elric said, screaming as he fell to his knees. The cool stone floor touched his skin where his pants had burned away.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean.” Ventus said rushing towards Elric. A slight haze from the fire still surrounded Elric.

Francis appeared at Elric’s side and quickly pressed an open potion into the mans lips. Forcefully the demon tilted Elric’s head back and the contents dumped into the mans body. Black ash coated the man so after the first potion was administered the demon conjured a little wind. The breeze scattered the ashes and haze allowing everyone to examine th…

Chapter 18 - Personal Improvement Plan - Step 1: Summary of Discussion

Elric appeared in the teleportation room at Mortis Operandi. He turned and thanked Guldag. When he turned towards the door, he saw a goblin bolt down the hallway. Not thinking anything of it, Elric headed to his room.

While Elric didn’t lock his door, it being slightly ajar worried him. Gathering up some power just in case, he opened the door. Sitting on his bed inside was Eft.

“The boss wants to talk to you.” Eft said as he stood up. “As soon as you got back.”

“Alright when do we go?” Elric said.

“You, he wants to talk to you alone.” Eft said. He reached up and patted Elric on the shoulder as he walked by. The old goblin stopped and turned around. “You smell like alcohol. Are you sober?”

“Yeah,” Elric said but was still a little buzzed. Eft appeared to be not convinced. “I’m fine, a little buzzed but I’ll be ok.”

“Here this will help you sober up some,” Eft said as he reached into a pocket and pulled out a vial much bigger than the pocket looked. He handed it to Elric. “Currently you…

Chapter 17 - Non-Paid Time Off

“Done,” Elric said as he walked back to Guldag who had been sipping a drink in a tavern. “I wrote the message, paid some town criers, and even found a crooked priest to add it to the daily prayer.”

“While it’s your money,” Guldag said when Elric sat at the table. Though the tavern was empty, he kept his voice low. “Will spreading rumors of a fake god with the same name really cause that much of a problem?”

“What you saying you do not believe there is a new god of easy and smooth shits? Do you doubt the divinity of Mar, the powerful being that helps crap flow from your asshole?” Elric worked hard at trying to not laugh, “Blessed be those who proclaim his name and beg his favor so they may shat with ease?”

“So people will think of him when they shit,” Guldag said. He whirled a finger in the air, “woo. Sounds like a minor annoyance.”

“Sure, minor, until your woken or have your dreams invaded by images of people shitting. Usually those who will invoke his name won’t be those who have easy…

Chapter 16 - Short Term Leave and FMLA

As Eft told his tale, Elric nodded his head and tried to note anything important. Marcanous’s group seem to not take precautions when using unknown powerful magic. They also appear to be unquestioningly loyal to each other to the point of being blind. A long moment passed after Eft went silent before either of them spoke.

“I’m sorry.” Elric said, breaking the silence.

“Thank you, it gets easier over the years,” Eft said. His tale over, he reached and finished the  remaining amount in the bottle.

Over the next few minutes Elric explained how he tested the rumor. The next step was to explain what he intended to do. He included everything so Eft could fully understand the end goal.

“You do not have to do this for me, I am managing my vengeance.”

“I’m not doing this just because of you. There were others injured in their attack, and who knows how many others have the  same tale as you.” Elric paused for a moment before asking a question he had been waiting to ask. “The item of power, woul…

Chapter 15 - Eft's Tale

“Ten, no fifteen years ago, gods has it been so long. It is much easier now, that I don’t about them each day. Margaret, Samuel, and little Denise. Denise would probably be a mother in her own right. She always loved acting like her dolls were her babies. She, she,” Eft turned his head away from Elric and his little goblin body shook several times.

Elric didn’t make a move. He was still mulling over the idea that Eft was once human. Why hasn’t the goblin gotten the spell reversed? Slowly and without making a sound, Elric reached over and slowly uncorked the bottle of liqueur. Carefully he put a handkerchief on the desk near it, then waited.

“I’m sorry, it is not something I’ve thought about, but the pain is still real.” Eft said as he turned around wiping his wet eyes. He saw the bottle and the handkerchief on the desk. He grabbed the cloth and wiped his eyes.

I remember it being a warm day, it was unusual in that snow was still on the ground. The winter had been mild and we were worr…

Chapter 14 - Disciplinary Action

The next day went by quickly for Elric. Norman arrived right after sunrise and they met in front of the tavern. Elric had arrived much earlier in the hopes of meeting Alda. The mostly empty tavern room and lack of a cook, yielded a breakfast of disappointment.

Elric arrived back at the town while it was still light out. As he dismounted from the horse he turned and looked at Norman.

“I hope we meet again,” Elric said.

“I as well,” Norman said. “May your friends be generous with their ale, and the women with their tail.”

Elric laughed and waved at Norman. Turning around towards the gate, he did not watch the henchman and his not breathing horse ride back into the woods. The guards at the gate didn’t stop him again, nor did they seem to acknowledge his presence.

Walking to the tavern, Elric hoped they were serving something good tonight. The previous night had been some venison that could have been better. As he got closer he wondered if the food was good tonight as lots of people were …