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To both give me time to write more and as a holiday Treat, here is some of the products Mortis Operandi offers. First though a brief breakdown of model numbers and stock numbers. Traps are designated by various factors, First letter is if the item is a Trap, Obstacle, Barrier, Misdirection, Protector. Second Letter is if the item is designed to be placed in a Room, Hallway, or anywhere. First number is ideal floor location, this can range from 0 to 9 with 9 being any location of sufficient depth or lower. Second number is Complexity and if the item self resets, self resetting have an even complexity, manual resetting have odd complexity. 0 means it is a single use item, once trigger the whole room or trap will have to be reordered and/or rebuilt. Most people do not have a 0 due to the cost, it is reserved typically for traps or protectors that are at the very end and if they are bypassed the owner of the dungeon will be either dead or soon be threatened. Third nu