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Chapter 3 - New Hire Orientation

Thermosa Elric Jorgerson Nauften the third awoke on a bed. Before sitting up or opening his eyes, he extended his senses. There was a strong magical aura above him and one below. Faintly like background noise, there was a weaker magic aura all around him. Sensing no magic users nearby, he opened his eyes and sat up.

The small room he was in wasn’t very big. The lack of a door and bars on the window was a good sign. He was wearing his cloths and still had his dagger. In a corner he saw his backpack. The bed was only a couple of feet off the ground and set in the middle of the room. As he turned around, he saw an old goblin sitting on a bench behind him.

“Oh a goblin, figures,” Thermosa Elric Jorgerson Nauften the third said.

“Oh, a racist human. how quaint,” the old goblin replied in a mocking version of Thermosa’s voice. They both looked at each other in silence for a minute.

Thermosa or Elric as he preferred to be called closed his eyes and sighed. Slowly he pulled his dagger from it…

Chapter 2 - Service Contracts

Two solid knocks on the doors woke Garly. He pursed and licked his lips to remove any drool that had dripped out during his nap. Tilting his head a little he chanced a glance to Eft, the other goblin had his head resting against the stone floor.

“You may now enter.” A guard said.

Garly was slow to get up and he stretched his muscles before he stood up. As he reached his hands out he tapped Eft. The other goblin almost jumped as he woke up. The sword was not sticking between them. Briefly Garly wondered if it was magically retrieved or if they had been so asleep they didn’t notice the guard retrieving it.

Once Eft sat up, Garly rose shakily to his feet. While he wasn’t that old, kneeling on the stone floor for any length was never good. Once he was standing however, he reached a hand over to Eft to help him stand. Garly has to visit the boss at least once a week, he was much more used to it. Eft, without his cane and age, will probably be sore for a few days.

“Once we are done, I’ll fi…

Chapter 1 UL-DL2142

“Item UL-DR2142 production has been ceased.” Garly Worm yelled out over the production floor. Twelve squat, thin, and green skinned goblins paused in their work to look up at Garly.

“What? It is our best seller!” Eft NoToes called out. With a slight limp he took a step forward towards the overseer balcony. “I’m in the middle of filling a backorder of four of them.” He looked up towards Garly as his ears slowly started drooping.

“Aye, order are cancelled until we settle on a revision.” Garly replied as he turned away from the production floor. Three quick steps took him inside his office. The broken door hung open as sounds resumed on the factory floor.

Eft took a step towards the stairs then paused and went back to his work station. Briefly he set his tools into the lockbox and turned the key. Items secured he grabbed his cane and with a slight hobble he went to the stairs.

Slowly the limping goblin dragged his weak frame up the stairs. Ten steps up and a pause as he caught his breath…