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Chapter 8 - Authorized Company Travel

Elric sat at a wobbly table eating breakfast. The Quavery Shanty tavern was a respectable place. The beer didn't seem watered down and the food was more than just stew or an overpriced chunk of meat. His lunch of a mix of bread, cheese, and bits of fruit was enjoyable.

The other tables did not wobble. Elric didn't choose this table, it was where he was to meet his contact. Otherwise he would have chosen one of the many other tables that appeared to be in better repair. The barmaid had given him a weird look when he had sat down here.

Before Elric could pursue paranoia a short man dressed in bright blue tunic slid into the chair across from him. The shorter man to be a little over 4 feet tall based on the size difference with Elric's own five foot eight stature.

"Do you know a good door repairman?" the shorter man said.

"No," Elric said but immediately remembered that was part of the introduction. "er, Yes. I swing that way." Inwardly he groane…

Chapter 7 - Employee Enrichment

Elric and Eft knelt on the floor. The older goblin shook a little, Elric reached a hand over and patted his shoulder. The cold stone sucked the heat from Elric and he briefly wondered if kneeling was even necessary. Glancing up at the massive double doors and the two imposing guards, he figured it was a conversation for another time.

The doors cracked open after only a minute of waiting. Elric helped Eft stand, thankfully they allowed the goblin to keep his cane this time. They were both here at the request of Ventus, but the clopping hooves of Francis greeted them. Behind the demon, Garly walked slowly through the door.

As Garly passed by Eft, he reached out a hand. Eft took it and they shook briefly with each leaning into the handshake. Garly whispered, “It’s been fun old friend. Good luck.” With those words Eft shrank a little and leaned on his cane more. Garly gave a simple nod to Elric and walked away from the two.

“You gonna be ok?” Elric said as he leaned down to help Eft walk.

Chapter 6 - Improper Abuse of Office Equipment

Elric stumbled backwards and fell on his ass. Instead of trying to cast a spell, he threw his hands up to block his face as the goblin flew towards him. Garly also tried to put is hands in front of his face to protect himself, leaving his bony goblin elbows in front.

Garly suddenly reversed direction, flying back towards Thrag. Acting quickly Elric threw out a bolt of lightning. He hadn’t had time to build up the energy, a tiny white line zipped across the distance to Katrina. She easily dodged the bolt by taking a small step to the left.  Garly flew under Thrag and hit a wall. The goblin crumpled against the wall and slide to the floor.

Katrina pulled out a whip from her waist, her belt disintegrated into a long whip. She reared back and snapped it a few times. Each snap it seemed to get longer. She cast the whip backwards as if preparing to crack it again, but the tip came within reach of Thrag’s hands. He grabbed the whip and when Katrina swung it back around, it threw Thrag toward…

Chapter 5 - Violence in the Workplace

“Again for the hundredth time, I apologize.” Elric said. The elven woman sat across from him on the floor. They both were sitting near her teleport trap and the worn book was open between them. Loose pages scattered around as they had spent the last  To the side of them sat a tea pot with two cups. Nearby a separate pail of water sat, nearly empty.

Elric gazed at the pitcher and then back at the elven lady.

“Still Liliaria I have to admit, using an illusion spells to translate is unique. I wish you could speak common.” Elric stated.

“I wish your elven was better as well. Compromises have to be made at times.” Liliaria said in Elven with a sigh. She then took a sip of the tea and spoke in the Goblin tongue, “While I disapprobation the drink, I admit the magical properties are useful.”

“Yes, don’t ever ask Garly what is in the tea.” Elric said taking a small sip, careful to keep the liquid away from the book. “Still, the null teleport is brilliant.”

“That spell is my tribulation. The co…

Chapter 4 - Interdepartmental Relations.

“Why make the trap all one pattern? I have a spell that would randomize it so no one will get through.” Elric said as he exampled the schematics in his hand.

Eft stood to the the left of Elric. In the middle of them stood a wooden doorway, not attached to wall. The door looked ancient but still sturdy. A simple latch allowed it to be opened and closed.

“Because,” Eft said and closed his eyes as he finished his sentence, “the door is to keep out people who don’t belong there.  Our customers are not just some evil person that wants to be left alone. They have henchmen, er people that bring supplies, they may want to leave for a bite to eat.” Eft opened his eyes and saw Elric was still looking at the schematics.

“Ok, I get it now. So set pattern that differs from the previous version. I need to write down which pattern is tied to the door.”


“How many different patterns do you need?”

“At this time just one other. We plan on releasing an update each year for those who purchase the e…