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Chapter 10 - Gifts and Bribery Policy

“Ah good you are awake.” The young dwarf said.

“Where am I?” Elric said as he took in a deep breath and held it some. He squared his shoulders and focused on building up some power.

“My home, remember you’re here to update some doors.” The young dwarf said. “Oh dear, I hope you falling off the horse didn’t injure your head that badly.”

“What horse? I can’t ride?” Elric struggled to remember the past day but everything from breakfast at the tavern was fuzzy.

“That is definitely correct.” The young dwarf chuckled a little. “Norman said he had to strap you to the horse to get you here for healing.”

“Oh I had a healing potion,” Elric reached for the pocket he kept healing potions in. The damp exterior of the pocket and click of broken glass stopped him. “Or I did.”

“It is my fault, I should have sent a carriage but it slipped my mind.” The little dwarf bowed deeply to Elric. “Oh forgive me, my name is Lich-in-stein.”

“My pleasure,” Elric reach out a hand to shake and a gloved dwarven hand…