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Chapter 11 - Steps to Success.

Elric stood in front of the closest door. Focusing his mind and vision he examined the magical spectrum. The magical construction in front of him was definitely a door made by Mortis Operandi. He easily recognized the magical web and pathing.

Sitting on the floor in a comfortable position he gathered his power and focused his mind. Reconfiguring the doorway wasn’t difficult but it was time consuming, so he knew he would be sitting for a while. As he was taking stock of available power and energy he noticed the formulae for his weight manipulation spell was gone. How long had he been unconscious?

Reaching into a his shirt he pulled out a little bag on a leather cord. Carefully opening the bag he reached two fingers inside. Gently he pulled out a thin quill. Looking around he didn’t have any good writing surface so he rolled up his right  sleeve.

“Uh Oh,” he called out while pressing a tiny amount of power into the device. Slowly and in as tiny script he could manage, he wrote on his ar…