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Chapter 12 - Travel Per Deim

“It's the necromancy aura, isn’t it?” Elric said he held onto Norman. They both were aside a horse with Norman in the front and Elric holding onto him. Something about the horse seemed familiar to Elric.

The sun was no longer visible, the tree’s hid it as it approached the horizon.  The red glow filled the west like an alarm notifying everyone, night was coming.

“I don’t know, magic isn’t my thing.” Norman called out, while they were not riding fast the sound made normal conversation tones difficult.

“Magic, it’s got to come from somewhere, either within, or without. It isn’t wise to power necromancy with your own strength.” Elric said.

“If you say so, it is all foreign to me. Though the less I know the better I’ll sleep at night.”

“You work around it all day, aren’t you curious?” Elric felt a little uncomfortable speaking to the back of Norman’s head.

“Ha, curiosity is what got me in this position.”

“What position?”


“What does a handyman do?”

“Ha,” Norman shook his he…