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Chapter 14 - Disciplinary Action

The next day went by quickly for Elric. Norman arrived right after sunrise and they met in front of the tavern. Elric had arrived much earlier in the hopes of meeting Alda. The mostly empty tavern room and lack of a cook, yielded a breakfast of disappointment.

Elric arrived back at the town while it was still light out. As he dismounted from the horse he turned and looked at Norman.

“I hope we meet again,” Elric said.

“I as well,” Norman said. “May your friends be generous with their ale, and the women with their tail.”

Elric laughed and waved at Norman. Turning around towards the gate, he did not watch the henchman and his not breathing horse ride back into the woods. The guards at the gate didn’t stop him again, nor did they seem to acknowledge his presence.

Walking to the tavern, Elric hoped they were serving something good tonight. The previous night had been some venison that could have been better. As he got closer he wondered if the food was good tonight as lots of people were …

Chapter 13 - Off-Site Event Policy

“Only the orc knows, where the tusk went.” The young elven minstrel finished her song, then took a bow. The five people in the tavern didn’t bother clapping, only one person was actually paying attention. As she gracefully moved to the bar, Elric moved to intercept.

“You talents are wasted here.” Elric said sliding into a stool near her. There was an empty stool between them. He didn’t want to seem threatening.

“Let me guess, you know where my talents could be better used?” the elf winked at him.

“No,” as possible innuendo dawned upon Elric he expounded. “oh no.” He gave a little smile to try and be reassuring, “I have been to Centralia and heard worse at better places.”

“And you happen to know someone who will let me play for the right price.” The elf said in an obviously mocking tone.

“No,” Elric shook his head a little and decided a different tactic. Turning completely in his stool he looked at the elf. “Fun and games aside, I’m trying to find out some information. I ran into an ad…