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Chapter 24 - Employee Suggestions

A large illusionary image filled the dragons cave. Giving a top down perspective in the image a couple of humans wandered the halls of a temple. Each carried a backpack almost as big as them on their backs. Clanking with each step from weapons and armor, and metal objects in the backpacks.

The hallway ended in a large round room. In the center of the room a stone pedestal with a book setting on it. The two humans carefully entered the room and walked around the walls. Each examining the wall for cracks, buttons, and holes. Upon finding no traps along the walls they carefully walked to the middle of the room. Another long minute passed as they examined the book and two foot tall pedestal. One of them picked up the book.

A block of stone slammed over the entrance, blocking the two people in. A hum filled the air and both adventurers crouched, readying for an attack. The hum got louder and both of them felt themselves being pulled into the air. The hum increased and their backpacks flew …